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Wheel blasting uses an abrasive material—typically metallic—moved through a hub in a rotating bladed wheel, propelling the abrasive off the tips of the blades and onto the workpiece being cleaned, peened, profiled, or otherwise finished. The process uses centrifugal force to move the abrasive rather than compressed air. The size, density, shape, and velocity of the abrasive all impact how the surface finish will look and function. Numerous types of wheel blasting equipment exist, with different sizes, weights, and production volumes to suit varying needs.

Types of Wheel Blasting Machines

Wheel blasting equipment works well with larger objects, because of the larger spread of the blast area compared to air blasting. It tends to be less expensive to wheel blast larger objects than to air blast them. The speed and efficiency of wheel blasting make it an excellent option in these situations. Let’s look at the different types of wheel equipment commonly used in the industry.Wheel Blast Equipment

Tumble Blasters

Tumble blasters use continuously molded rubber belts to tumble the parts, allowing small and medium parts to move within the blasting compartment. At Dawson-Macdonald, our tumble blasters have load capacities of up to 3,000 pounds or 24 cubic feet. They feature simple operation, only requiring the operator to load, close the door, set the time, and start the wheel machine. We offer smaller units that can handle a wide range of abrasive material and fit well into production cells.

Table Blasters

A table blaster uses an automated turntable to rotate the workpiece so that the entire piece receives even exposure to the wheel blast mechanism. Our table blasters handle items up to 10,000 pounds, eight feet wide, and up to seven feet in height, though they are optimized to 66 inches. Oscillating wheel options allow for enhanced blast coverage, while swing doors facilitate easy loading and unloading.

Wire Mesh Belt Blasters

To reduce the labor costs associated with batch processing, our wire mesh belt blasters automate the process. Manganese wire mesh belt widths (available from 12-36 inches) can be loaded by hand or with an automated loading solution on one end, allowing you to move work through the blaster, where between two and 12 direct-drive blast wheels polish the workpieces, with the media falling through the belt for reuse.

Spinner Hangers

Our two-chamber spinner hangers provide automated finishing options for fragile or unusually shaped pieces. One chamber is unloaded and reloaded by the operator while the other processes parts, speeding up the line. The parts, loaded onto hooks, are rotated evenly by a spindle, with a maximum blast envelope up to 36 by 60 inches, an optimized envelope of 36 by 48 inches, and a maximum load of 2,000 pounds.

Pipe Blast Systems

When dealing with long, round material—such as metal pipes, rods, or axles—pipe blast equipment rotates thew workpiece as it passes through the blast chamber, making it easier to get automated coverage of the entire piece. Our machines handle material up to 42-inch outer diameters, making it easy to handle larger sections.

Roller Conveyor Blast Systems

A roller conveyor system works well with plate, structural components, and other angular pieces. This solution rolls the pieces through the blast chamber, making it a great option for longer pieces. Using paired wheel blasters at each location, this machine provides even cleaning of all surfaces to provide optimal results.

Monorail Wheel Blast Systems

For full automation of your wheel blasting process, monorail systems include multiple triple seals and automatic abrasive blow-off for abrasive containment; multiple wheel blasters for optimizing speed, coverage, and operational efficiency; and a solid manganese blast cabinet with cast alloy liners for a long useful lifespan. An automatic abrasive replenishing system makes it easy to keep in operation while thoughtful design simplifies maintenance.

Wheel Blasting Equipment From Dawson-Macdonald

If you need help finding the right wheel blast equipment for your production line, the experienced professionals at Dawson-Macdonald can help. We will completely customize your equipment to your specific needs, including variable drive blast wheels, rotary air wash media separators, automatic media replenishment, cartridge dust collectors, and in-line shot traps. Please contact us with any questions or to get more information on our line of high-quality wheel equipment.

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