Steel Grit Abrasives

Steel Grit Abrasives

Dawson-Macdonald is the Northeast U.S. largest and oldest distributor of surface preparation equipment. Our steel grit abrasives deliver consistent quality and performance for a variety of preparation and finishing applications. We supply steel grit abrasives from W Abrasives, which provides cast steel abrasives backed by an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system and Statistical Process Control (SPC).

While the importance of steel grit abrasives is often overlooked, selecting the proper steel grit material offers considerable cost-saving benefits, producing a high-quality finished product. Learn more about our steel grit abrasives, their applications and benefits, and their technical specifications.

About Steel Grit Abrasives

Unlike round steel shot, steel grit has a sharp, irregular shape. Crafted using recycled steel, the high-performance grit media more aggressively abrades surfaces, removing contaminants and improving adhesion for future coating processes. The small, angular carbon steel particles offer an ideal solution for cleaning, finishing, and surface preparation. These rugged particles can withstand intense impact, enhancing production efficiency.

Typical Steel Grit Abrasive Applications

Steel grit abrasives are most commonly used for:

  • Steel Cleaning: Removes rust, old coatings, and scale from steel surfaces. Applications include industrial machinery, bridges, and ship hulls.
  • Descaling: Often used in steel manufacturing and other heavy industries to descale metal surfaces. The high-performance steel grit effectively prepares the surface for further coating and processing.
  • Rust Removal: Efficiently tackles rust removal, producing a clean surface ready to receive a protective coating. Steel grit abrasives can maintain industrial equipment, restore vintage vehicles, and more.
  • Desanding: Used in casting processes and foundries to remove debris and sand from metal parts, leaving behind smooth surfaces for subsequent assembly or machining.

W Abrasives Product Line Review

Cast steel angular grit from W Abrasives is manufactured by crushing heat-treated shot pellets. The material’s in-service characteristics are dependent upon the hardness levels of the following steel abrasive grits:

  • GP Angular Shot: This grit starts angular and rounds off with use. It is an ideal solution for general cleaning applications.
  • GB Steel Grit: This type of grit is more aggressive than GP Angular Shot, but it also rounds off with use.
  • GL Steel Grit: This grit is harder and more aggressive than GB Steel Grit. During abrasive blasting, GL Steel Grit also loses its sharp edges, making the material best suited for surface preparation and descaling applications.
  • GH Steel Grit: With maximum hardness, this high-performance abrasive material always retains its angular shape. The rapid etching action of this steel grit makes it a perfect choice for etched surface requirements and deep descaling applications. It is typically used with compressed air equipment.
  • GR Steel Grit: Similar to GH Steel Grit, GR Steel Grit is stress-relieved to offer durability and effective stone-cutting rates.

Steel Grit Technical Data Sheet

According to technical studies by W Abrasives, GP Angular Shot has an average hardness of 44 HRC. This steel grit performs similarly to steel shot but with the extra initial aggressiveness of angular materials. GP Angular Shot rounds off quickly, ensuring no increase in machine wear or abrasive consumption. This steel grit is optimal for cleaning and foundry applications.

Benefits of Steel Grit Abrasives

When you use steel grit abrasives, your process and products will see the following benefits:

  • Efficiency & Productivity: The angular edges of steel grit allow it to remove paint, rust, and other contaminants more effectively than other common abrasives. Since less compressed air is needed, there is increased productivity in blasting operations.
  • Durability: Steel grit is both long-lasting and tough, able to withstand multiple uses before requiring replacement. The material’s durability reduces downtime and increases cost savings.
  • Recyclability: Steel grit offers an impressive 98% recycling rate, minimizing waste and supporting sustainable operations.
  • Surface Finish: Steel grit is ideal for subsequent processes such as welding, powder coating, and painting. The blast media offers a uniform etched surface profile with a resulting finish that enhances the coating’s longevity and adhesion.

Quality Blast Media Supply From Dawson-Macdonald

Since 1928, Dawson-Macdonald has provided customers with quality surface preparation solutions. Our steel grit abrasive products from W Abrasives are designed to meet the needs of various industrial finishing applications across diverse industries. Request a quote for our steel grit abrasives or other blast media.