Shot Blast Equipment

Steel shot blasting equipment can be used to remove years of dirt, grime, rust, and other contaminants as well as old coatings and sealants. In addition to cleaning the surface, the shot blasting equipment simultaneously profiles the floor, preparing it for coatings or treatment.

Shot blasting is a mechanical process and no chemicals are used. Shot blasting can be performed indoors or outdoors on bridges, steel decks, parking garages, and industrial facilities. 

Self-contained collection systems filter the steel shot by removing the dust, particulates, and spent shot, while re-usable shot is recycled back into the system. 

  • 9” to 30”  Blast Pattern
  • Most units self-propelled
  • Long Lasting Blast Wheel
  • Up to 120 feet per minute travel speed
  • Up to 4500 Sq ft per hour production
  • HEPA Filtration Available


PDF BlastPro BP-2-20 Shot Blasting Machine (PDF – 667KB)

PDF BlastPro BP-9-110v (PDF – 808KB)

PDF BlastPro BP-10 Shot Blasting Machine (PDF – 1MB)

PDF BP-15 Super Blast Cleaning System (PDF – 942KB)