Shot Blast Equipment

A steel shot blaster machine is designed to clean metal surfaces by propelling small metal shots at high speeds. The shot blast process can remove rust, paint, and other debris from the surface of the metal, leaving it clean and ready for painting or other treatments.

Shot blasting is an efficient way to prepare metal or concrete surfaces for welding, coating, or other operations. In addition to its cleaning applications, shot blasting can also be used to roughen up a smooth metal surface to improve the bonding strength of adhesives or coatings. Shot blast equipment comes in various sizes and configurations and can be customized to meet the needs of any industrial operation.

Steel shot is filtered by self-contained collection systems, which clear the dust, particles, and spent shot from the water. The reusable shot is recovered and reused in this process. This allows for a continuous and uninterrupted process without the need to stop and clean out the equipment.

  • Blast Pattern 8″-30″
  • Self-propelled for the most part
  • Dependable blast wheel
  • Travel speed of up to 120 feet per minute
  • Production of up to 4500 sq ft per hour
  • HEPA filtering is possible.

Types of Shot Blasting Equipment

At Dawson – Macdonald Co., Inc., we carry a wide variety of shot blasting machines to meet your needs. We have Wheel Blast and Air Blast equipment in various sizes and configurations to suit your specific requirements. Our experienced team can help you choose the right equipment for your application, and we offer comprehensive service and support to keep your equipment running at its best. Contact us today to learn more!

Blastrac 2-20TMKII Shot Blasting Machine

The Blastrac 2-20TMKII is a 20-self-propelled machine designed for use on bridges, ship decks, and warehouse floors. It is a powerful and versatile machine that can quickly remove rust, paint, scale, and other debris from metal surfaces. The 2-20TMKII is easy to operate and provides a clean, finished surface in a fraction of the time it would take to do the job manually. This machine is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to remove coatings from large metal surfaces.

The Blastrac 2-20TMKII shot blasting machine is ideal for use in automotive, aerospace, and other industries where precision and quality are essential. This machine can handle the most demanding applications with its durable construction and easy-to-use controls.

Blastrac 1-8DM

Consider the Blastrac 1-8DM Shot Blaster. This portable, lightweight machine is simple to operate and features a 8-pattern blast adjusted to suit your needs. Perfect for cleaning edges, floors, balconies, basements, and swimming pool decks, the 1-8DM is a versatile and affordable option that will get the job done quickly and efficiently. When cleaning concrete surfaces, the Blastrac 1-8DM is the best equipment today.

The Blastrac 1-8DM is a powerful, easy-to-use shot blaster machine that can handle the most demanding applications. With its durable construction and easy-to-use controls, this machine is perfect for anyone who needs to clean a large metal surface quickly and efficiently. Available in either 110 or 230 volt, single phase power.

The Blastrac 1-10DSGI Shot Blasting Machine

The Blastrac 1-10DSGI shot blast machine is a powerful and versatile tool perfect for medium to large-scale projects. This self-propelled electric machine has a 10-inch blast pattern that can easily remove paint, rust, and other debris from industrial plants, warehouses, parking garages, floors, decks on ships or bridges, and more.

The 1-10DSGI is also equipped with a dust collector to help keep the work area clean and safe blast pattern. Thanks to its durable construction and easy maneuverability, the 1-10DSGI is a piece of equipment for any serious contractor or property owner.

BDC-66 and BDC-99 Dust Collectors

The BDC-66 and BDC-99 dust collectors are three-phase systems that use 230 or 460 V electricity. They are built on an established platform that provides strong, industry-leading productivity in construction.

Once combined with the larger shot blasters, they provide a fantastic alternative for your surface preparation without compromising quality, comfort for the operator, or robustness. When used together, these two products offer an excellent solution for your surface preparation needs.

Benefits of Shot Blast Equipment

Shot blasting equipment can provide advantages over traditional methods of surface preparation. Some of the benefits of using shot blast equipment include:

Increased Efficiency

Shot blasting equipment can quickly remove coatings and debris from metal surfaces, allowing you to get the job done faster than traditional methods.

One of the essential benefits of shot blast equipment is that it can help increase your production process’s efficiency. Shot blast equipment can help improve the quality of your finished products and reduce the time and labor required to produce them by automating the process of removing debris and contaminants from your products.

In addition, shot blast equipment can also help improve your products’ appearance by providing a uniform finish. As a result, shot blast equipment can be an essential tool for any business that wants to improve its production efficiency.

Improved Quality

The finished surface produced by shot blasting is clean and smooth, without any contaminants or irregularities.

One of the major advantages of steel shot blasting is that it can significantly improve the quality of a finished product. Shot blasting can create a smoother, more consistent finish by removing impurities and irregularities from a workpiece’s surface. In addition, shot blasting can also harden or otherwise treat the surface of a workpiece, making it more resistant to wear and tear. As a result, products treated with shot blasting are often of superior quality to those that have not.

Reduced Labor Costs

With shot blasting equipment, you can do the job yourself, eliminating the need for expensive labor costs. One of the main advantages of shot blasting equipment is that it reduces labor costs. The process is much faster when completed with a machine, and it requires fewer workers to operate.

In addition, shot blasting equipment is less likely to cause injuries than manual methods, as there is no need for workers to handle heavy tools or abrasive materials. As a result, shot-blasting can help businesses save money on labor costs while also ensuring a safer workplace.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Shot blasting produces significantly less dust and debris than traditional methods, reducing the environmental impact of your project.

One of the major advantages of this method is that it significantly reduces the amount of dust generated. This not only helps to improve air quality but also reduces the risk of respiratory problems for employees.

Contact Dawson-Macdonald Co., Inc. for your Shot Blast Equipment

Dawson – Macdonald Co., Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality shot blasting equipment for over 50 years. Our products use various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and construction. They are known for their durability and performance and offer a wide range of models to suit any customer’s needs.

Whether you’re looking for a small, portable unit or a large, industrial-sized machine, Dawson – Macdonald has the perfect shot blasting equipment for your application. In addition to our standard models, they also offer custom-built units to meet your specific requirements. No matter your needs, Dawson – Macdonald has the right shot blasting equipment for the job.

Shot blasting equipment can provide some advantages over traditional methods of surface preparation. With the right machine, you can save time and money while reducing your project’s environmental impact.

Contact us today or request a quote if you’re interested in learning more about shot blasting or purchasing your machine.


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