Industrial Vacuum Systems

Industrial vacuum systems are high powered tools that industrial facilities and production centers use to ensure the premises are appropriately clean and dust-free.

Dawson-Macdonald offers a variety of industrial vacuum equipment that provides many advantages when compared to standard cleaning tools.

Advantages of Industrial Vacuum Equipment

Vacuum collection systems present several advantages over traditional cleaning methods, including:

  • Customization Capabilities. Different industrial facilities need to maintain varying degrees of cleanliness and safety standards. Industrial vacuum systems can be customized to significantly reduce the risk of combustion for different materials as well as to suit size, power, and reach capability needs. Different tools, such as hoses or nozzles can be added, and they can even be customized for wet-dry application environments.
  • Durable Construction. Industrial vacuum equipment is built to handle high demands and continual usage at industrial sites. Each element in our industrial vacuum systems is long lasting and durable.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance. Our systems use universal operations and simple controls. Operators can easily clean a space with relatively little training, and teams can adapt to the new cleaning procedures for a better standard of cleanliness in the facility. The components within our systems are also simple to maintain and replace.
  • High Performance Systems. Industrial vacuums are strong and fast, which ensures optimal cleanliness within industrial facilities. Industrial vacuums pull dust, dirt, and debris into contained units for proper disposal.
  • Industry Certified Systems. Our systems are ETL certified and NFPA and OSHA compliant to ensure optimal quality and safety.
  • Limited or No Cross Contamination. Cross-contamination and combustion risks are a real concern for industrial sites that use specialized materials or have the potential to collect dust in a confined or fast-moving area. Industrial vacuum equipment removes and contains debris to minimize the risk of mixtures, cross-contamination, and volatile working conditions. Vacuums also ensure that picked up contaminants won’t land in production materials or batch processes that are underway.
  • Long Service Life. Because industrial vacuum units are easy to maintain, facilities can create simple preventative maintenance and parts replacement routines, ensuring high quality performance for a long period of time.
  • Quality Components. High quality industrial vacuum systems have durable parts that can withstand wear and continual use. Their hoses come with reinforcements to reduce the risk of tearing, strong electrical components that can generate a lot of vacuuming power, and parts that minimize the risk of static or friction buildup.

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Types of Systems

Dawson-Macdonald offers multiple types of industrial vacuum systems, including:

  • Central Vacuum Systems. These heavy duty systems offer pneumatic and material handling functions as well vacuuming and cleaning capabilities.
  • Direct Bagging. Direct bagging systems filter out dust and contaminants into a container, allowing for faster cleanup and easy disposal of potentially hazardous or challenging materials.
  • Fixed Silo. These systems are used in fixed locations to provide vacuuming services, such as receiving and discharging material.
  • Integrated Systems. These vacuuming systems have the ability to communicate with smart industrial facilities, allowing for efficient performance, better maintenance, and stronger adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Mini Systems. These vacuuming systems are ideal for industrial shops and other fixed points of use. They generally include vacuum-assist tools for multiple, intermittent users.
  • Portable. These systems are on wheeled rigs for easy maneuverability. They are compact and quiet so users can clean debris during work processes.
  • Skid Mounted. Skid mounted vacuum units are permanently mounted assemblies that move along a series of rails to fixed points. This allows the unit to remain secure while performing throughout the facility.
  • Trailer Mounted. These vacuum systems are mounted on trailers, allowing for more freedom of motion and use at various points across the facility.

Vacuum Systems and Equipment From Dawson-Macdonald

Industrial vacuum systems improve the safety, cleanliness, and compliance in industrial facilities. To learn more about our products or to get started on your industrial vacuum solutions, contact our team or request a quote today.

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