Air Blast Equipment Automation

Companies today are always looking for ways to modernize and streamline their processes. Dawson-Macdonald Co., Inc. offers automatic blasting machine products with various features that make blasting more efficient than ever.

Our products are designed with efficiency and precision in mind, helping you to effectively and efficiently automate your air blasting projects. From start to finish, we provide the automatic machinery needed to produce high-standard products on time every time—saving you time and money.

Media flow controls

These media flow controls allow the media Air Blast Equipment Automationto be released onto the workpiece with unprecedented precision and accuracy. This media control technology has significantly increased efficiency and productivity for clients, allowing them to achieve superior end results faster than ever before.

Recovery and classification

Our automated abrasive blasting equipment features automatic recovery and classification capabilities. This feature assists our customers in improving their productivity, profitability, and operational cost reduction.

The automated classification portion takes that further by precisely controlling critical parameters to achieve optimal finishing results. This automation ultimately leads to improved surface preparation quality and repeatability, resulting in higher yields and fewer rejects.

System validation

Our air blast equipment automation product comes with a comprehensive system validation feature that provides an extra layer of assurance and allows our customers to test their setups without incurring additional risks. This advanced system validation comprises a series of pre-set tests that can be customized and adapted according to customer requirements.

Systems can be tested against any combination of inputs, ensuring reliable and accurate outcomes before deployment. This helps identify potential output issues, allowing companies to make the necessary changes before production or complete instances of integration.

Air blasting products by Dawson-Macdonald Co., Inc.

Our automatic blast cabinets allow for the seamless integration of products into existing systems, assuring customers that the results will align with their expectations.

  • AutoSyst B: Our automated-blast systems have been tested in various industries, with many reporting increased productivity and quality control thanks to their sophisticated design. Fromturntable machines for descaling parts to customized computer-controlled processes for peening, our hundreds of systems have been proven effective around the globe.
  • ILL885 web: The IL-885 is the pinnacle of Empire Abrasive Equipment’s Pro-Finish® technology, featuring a durable conveyor belt that covers 9 x 72 inches. Its variable speed controls provide greater control, while adjustable parts guides can be modified to finish both tubular and flat parts.
  • Indexing turntable: Indexing turntable systems are an invaluable asset to industrial manufacturers, allowing for greater production efficiency. By expediting cleaning and peening processes, manufacturers can improve the quality of their products with improved accuracy levels and quicker cycles per hour.
  • RBT36 F Robotic Blasting Cell:  The RBT36-F Robotic Blasting Cell from Empire Abrasive Equipment makes blast and reclaim more efficient than ever. This advanced automation solution is highly customizable, making it suitable for various applications.

Speed and efficiency at Dawson – Macdonald Co., Inc.

Our automatic blast cabinets feature an enhanced speed and efficiency profile, enabling our customers to see a marked improvement in their production processes. These automated solutions provide improved speed and throughput, assuring customers that their parts will be finished quickly and accurately. Contact us today to learn more about our automated air-blasting solutions and how they can help improve your production processes.


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