Air Blast Equipment

Numerous industries prefer air blasting prior to applying paint and for restoring equipment with abrasive materials. Air blasting increases performance, reduces operational costs, and enhances operator safety. At Dawson-Macdonald, we provide air blast equipment, such as air blast cabinets, blast rooms, automated blasting systems, and portable air blast equipment, for multiple industries from gas and oil to construction.

Air Blast Cabinets

At Dawson-Macdonald, we offer air blast cabinets in standard configurations as well as custom made air blast cabinets to suit customer requirements. Manufactured by Empire Abrasive Equipment, our air blast cabinets come with a three-year warranty to preserve your investment. Pressure cabinets are fast and efficient but cost more than suction cabinets, which are ideal for less demanding work and have lower upfront costs.

Empire’s BBO Basket Blaster provides a unique solution for batch processing small parts. The Basket blaster can process 15 pounds of parts at once, and it uses a pressure regulating gauge to yield optimum results. Empire’s ProFinish® series cabinets offer a suction pressure fed systems and come in nine different standard sizes. Choose from a variety of options, including nozzles with extended longevity, stationary turntables, and components for harsh media.

We offer dustless wet blasters as well as dry blasters. Wet blasters do not create dust, and water reduces heat caused by friction. Dry blasters have lower upfront costs and offer a wider variety of cabinet sizes and nozzles to meet many specifications. Unlike wet blasters, dry blasters create dust, but the window to apply a rust inhibitor is more lenient since the technique does not use water.

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Automated Air Blasting Equipment

Automated air blast equipment delivers efficiency with semi and fully automated air blasting. Robotic shot peening systems have a rotating table and a pressure nozzle affixed to a multi-point axis, offering unrivaled precision. Indexing turntable systems allow for replication of quality by precisely aligning the turntable position.

We offer Empire automated air blast equipment with system validation, recovery and classification, flow control, and other features to meet your specifications. Empire’s indexing turntable system has a large access door, making it easy to set up the nozzle and conduct maintenance with interlocking features to keep the machine from running with any doors open.

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Portable Air Blast Equipment

Portable air blasters can be moved between work sites and offer greater flexibility. Our Schmidt® portable air blasters range in size from 1.5 to 165 cubic feet and offer options for multimedia, blast and recovery, and multiple outlets. Portable air blasters give you the option of mobility and can speed up return on investment for smaller companies. They can be an excellent backup solution in industries where downtime is unacceptable.

The AmphiBlast Lite from Schmidt® controls the amount of water injected into the air stream using the M.I.S.T system, allowing for less than one pint of water used per minute while wet blasting. The mobility of Schmidt® Blast & Recovery systems allow you the freedom of air blasting in situations where it is impractical or unlawful to blast in the open air.

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Blast Rooms

Empire’s pre-engineered blast booth is an ideal solution for moderate volume blasting and the best value in the industry. At Dawson-Macdonald, we are an industry leader in the Northeast for installing and supporting blast rooms and we can supply a custom blast room to suit your requirements.

Custom blast rooms are an ideal solution for large scale facilities and can be designed with optional features such as pneumatic or mechanical grit recovery. Blast rooms offer a controlled environment, which allows for efficiency, recyclability of materials, and elimination of weather related interruptions.

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Air Blast Equipment for Every Industry

With the right industrial blasting equipment from Dawson-Macdonald, you can reduce costs, decrease downtime, finish products faster, and easily replicate work for consistent and high quality results. For more information on our blasting products or to get started on your air blasting solutions, contact our specialists or request a quote today.