Dust Collection Equipment

Most manufacturing processes create some form of contaminate that needs to be captured or removed. Maintaining a safe, clean, contaminate free work place environment in many cases is required by local, state, and federal regulations. Equipment is available from the smallest source collection requirements to large central plant dust/mist and fume collectors.

We are proud to represent Donaldson-Torit’s line of Industrial Filtration.

The gold standard Ultra-Web® filters provide MERV 15 filtration efficiency. Additionally, pleated filters can be used in place of traditional bags and cages in baghouses, improving the efficiency of older equipment with no capital expenditure.

Easy Duct® clamp-together ducting makes installation easy and is available for wet/oil mist and abrasive applications.

Equipment options include Combustible Dust Control, Fire Suppression, Electrical Control Panels, Spark Mitigation Components, to name a few.


Dust Collection

  • Cartridge or Bag style, self-cleaning collectors available with Variable Frequency Drives, HEPA Filtration
  • Continuous or intermittent duty
  • DFE series collectors offer a small foot print together with high flow capabilities

Mist Collection

  • From machine mountable to stand alone units.
  • The WSO family filters Water, Smoke or Oil
  • Quick and easy filter changes
  • HEPA and other options available

Fume Collection

  • Source or Ambient collection with reverse pulse cartridge cleaning
  • Great for welding applications
  • Fire Retardant cartridges are standard

Portable Dust Collection

  • Portable Filt Aire dust collectors by Industrial Vacuum range in size from 2500 to 45,000 CFM and include self-cleaning cartridges



PDFDonaldson® Torit® Dust Collectors & Combustible Dust Strategies (PDF – 1.58MB)

PDFCartridge filters (PDF – 619KB)


PDFWeld-Bench (PDF – 609KB)

PDFDownflo-Evolution-Dust-Collector (PDF – 3587KB)

PDFDownflo-Oval-Dust-Collector (PDF – 3113KB)

PDFEasy-Duct-Master-Catalog (PDF – 2406KB)

PDFMist Collection (PDF – 1754KB)

PDFEasy-Trunk-Porta-Trunk (PDF – 1037KB)

PDFT2000 (PDF – 1016KB)

PDFRemote-Weld-Bench (PDF – 551KB)

PDFPortable DC (PDF – 5594KB)


PDFDryflo (PDF – 758KB)

PDFDowndraft-Bench (PDF – 662KB)




Donaldson® Torit® Industrial Air Filtration