Wet Blast Equipment


Wet Technologies offers liquid abrasive systems utilizing their own design urethane vortex submerged pump for heavy duty use, extended wear, wide range concentration and continuous cycle applications.

The heart of each system is the motor driven, oversized pump which produces the slurry required by the nozzles(s).
Finishes from mild cleaning, profiling and polishing using fine to medium materials, to de-burring, oxidation, paint, oil, and scale removal using aggressive abrasives are achieved.

High Pressure Water Systems, no slurry, are also available.

Closed loop filtration is standard on all machines and many options are available. Contact Dawson-Macdonald for additional information.


All of Wet Technologies’ automated self-contained systems are designed to meet customer production requirements in many different industries such as Aviation, Medical and Firearms to name a few.

Please contact us with your individual application and we can help.


Slurry Blasting has become one of the most preferred methods of cleaning due to its low abrasive
consumption and minimal dust generation.

Greener Blast Technologies portable units provide ready-to-use single or dual outlet packaged systems.

AmphiBlast® by Axxiom/Schmidt is a versatile tool that allows wet or dry blasting from one unit.

Multiple outlet systems provide the option to wet and dry blast at the same time.