Wet Blast Equipment

Wet Blast EquipmentHave you ever seen one of those wet blaster attachments for pressure washers and wondered what they were for? Wet blasting is the mixture of abrasive and water before being shot out of the blasting machine. It has a few advantages over dry blasting.

  • It is less messy because the water helps to contain the blast material.
  • It is more efficient because the water can act as a lubricant, making it easier for the blast material to flow through the system.
  • It is safer because the water can help to cool the blast material, making it less likely to ignite.

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Things you must know about wet blasting

  • Wet blasting helps remove rust from a surface. The water helps to break down the rust and to carry it away from the surface.
  • It is also sometimes used to prepare welding or other repairs. The water helps to remove any dirt or debris that could interfere with the repair process.
  • Wet blasting is not recommended for concrete or other surfaces sensitive to water. The high pressure of the wet blast can damage these surfaces.
  • It does not apply to food-processing equipment or other surfaces that may become polluted by water.

Types of wet blasting equipment

If you’re looking for wet blasting equipment, here are some of its common types.

  1. Cabinet wet blasting. This wet abrasive blasting uses a cabinet containing the blast media and workpiece used for large or delicate components that need to be cleaned or finished with precision. Wet blast cabinets can also remove coatings, rust, and other contaminants from surfaces.


  1. Automation wet blasting. This type of design is applicable in automated production lines controlled by a computer. The system uses robotic arms to move the blast nozzle around the surface, ensuring that all areas are evenly covered. It can be equipped with filters that help recycle the abrasive media and water, making them more sustainable.


  1. Portable wet blasting. Portable wet blasting systems are suitable for smaller jobs, such as cleaning car parts or preparing metal surfaces for painting. Some portable wet blasters are designed for sensitive surfaces such as glass or aluminum, while others are better suited for demanding jobs such as stripping paint from concrete.


Wet blasting equipment is available in various sizes to choose the right model for your needs.  When choosing wet blasting equipment for sale, consider the size of the project you’ll be working on and the types of materials you’ll be cleaning. You can clean up your project quickly and efficiently with the proper wet blasting equipment.

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