Used Equipment

Below is a list of currently available Used Equipment. All have been fully inspected by our Service Department.

Please call us for pricing.

Cold Jet Aero 40 Dry Ice Blaster
  • Rental unit – Good condition
  • 0-4 pounds per minute pellet feed
  • 20 foot Blast hose system
  • 40 pound hopper capacity


Vaniman Pro Blast 2-Tank Micro Blaster
  • Demo Lab unit – New condition
  • Includes Stone Vac dust collector
  • Foot pedal operated



Wet Technologies WTSS-36 Slurry Blast Cabinet
  • Demo Lab unit –New condition
  • 36” x 36” working dimensions
  • Mist Collector
  • Media density Monitor
  • Hydro Cyclone
  • Pneumatic Vertical Door



Coulson IceStorm 90 Wet Ice Blaster


  • New Condition
  •  90 pound Capacity
  •  0-5 Pound per Minute Ice Delivery
  •  (3) Nozzles
  •  40-Foot Hose System

Empire Pro-Finish 3648PR-6 Blast Cabinet
  •  Demo Lab unit-NEW
  •  Pressure Feed Delivery
  •  600 CFM Reclaimer
  •  Working dimensions: 36″D x 48″W x 36″H
  •  Basket Blaster attachment
  •  Less Dust Collector

Empire Pro-Finish 2636SRC-4 Blast Cabinet
  • Demo Lab unit-NEW
  • Suction Feed Delivery
  • 400 CFM Reclaimer
  • Working dimensions: 26″D x 36″W x 30″H
  • DCM-80A 400 CFM Dust Collector

We purchase and sell used portable, stationary & related abrasive blasting equipment. Do you have equipment you no longer use? Call our service department; we’d be happy to evaluate your used portable, stationary, and/or related abrasive blasting equipment for possible purchase.

Equipment Bought & Sold
  • Used Blast Cabinets
  • Used Dust Collectors
  • Used Blast Pots
  • Used Shot Blasters