Surface preparation refers to the modification of the surface characteristics of a material to improve its workability for downstream processing or enhance its performance in a given application. The process is often performed with blast machines—also known as blast finishing equipment or blasters—which utilize compressed air, water, or centrifugal wheels to forcibly propel abrasive materials onto the surface of a workpiece. The resulting surface can be smoother or more textured depending on the requirements of the intended application.

Before the start of any surface preparation operation, it is important to choose the equipment—i.e., buying new, buying used, or renting—that is most beneficial for your business. Some of the factors that may influence this decision include your budget, anticipated frequency of equipment usage, and types of projects for which the equipment will be used. Understanding all of these factors is key to ensuring you have the equipment for your current needs and the flexibility to grow to suit your future needs. The following guide provides an overview of new blasting equipment, used blasting equipment, and rented blasting equipment to help you determine which option is best suited for your company.

New Blasting Equipment

Purchasing new blasting equipment is generally the most convenient and straightforward acquisition method, especially when the project’s budget is flexible and the equipment will be used on a daily or weekly basis. Companies often choose this route when one or more of the following factors is a priority:

1. Latest technology
2. Ready-to-go equipment
3. Full control over equipment

Used Blasting Equipment

Despite the negative connotations often associated with the term “used”, used blasting equipment plays an important role in helping companies achieve a balance between cost and quality. Used equipment is generally recommended for companies that desire one or more of the following:

1. Readily available equipment
2. Low equipment purchase price

Rented Blasting Equipment

Renting allows companies to acquire the blasting equipment they need to complete their surface preparation jobs without having to take on the large financial burden associated with full ownership. This route is generally recommended for companies that want the following:

1. Financial flexibility
2. Little to no ownership costs
3. New technologies
4. Equipment access ≤ 65% of the time

The Surface Preparation Experts

As the oldest and largest surface preparation equipment distributor in the northeast, Dawson-MacDonald has the experience and product selection to meet the needs of practically any industry. We offer a broad selection of new, used, and rental equipment options, allowing customers to find a personalized solution that satisfies their surface preparation requirements while accommodating their budget.

In addition to new, used, and rental equipment, we also provide equipment maintenance, repair, warranty support, installation, and training services to customers in New England, eastern New York, northern New Jersey, and the New York City metropolitan area.