Barton® Garnet Abrasives

Barton® Garnet Abrasives

Dawson-Macdonald supplies many industrial sectors with premium garnet abrasives from Barton®. Barton® garnet blast media is known for its unique combination of density, toughness, and hardness, offering unsurpassed consistency and quality for most industrial applications.

Learn more about the advantages of Barton® garnet abrasives, their common applications, and their technical specifications.

About Barton® Garnet Abrasives

Mined from natural almandine, Barton® garnet abrasives can be used for dry and wet blasting and are known for their natural durability and hardness. The abrasives contain no toxic or free silica metals and comply with all environmental regulations. 

During blasting, Barton® garnet abrasives produce low dust levels, reducing potential health risks associated with airborne particles and improving visibility. They are an eco-friendly, safe choice for workers.

Key Applications of Barton® Garnet Abrasives

The most common applications for Barton® garnet abrasives are:

  • General Abrasive Blasting: Barton® garnet abrasives are suitable for general-purpose surface preparation, high-performance applications requiring a fast-cutting abrasive, and removing thick coatings from substrates.
  • Petrochemical: Barton® garnet abrasives are vital to maintaining pipelines and storage tanks in the petrochemical industry, where proper surface preparation is crucial for efficiency and overall safety.
  • Shipbuilding: Barton® garnet blast media is used extensively in shipbuilding and repair applications to remove rust, old paint, and marine growth, preparing surfaces for new coatings.
  • Waterjet Cutting: Thanks to the superior precision and cutting speed of garnet abrasives, waterjet cutting facilities use them to cut a broad range of materials, such as glass, marble, and stainless steel.

Barton® Garnet Blast Media Product Line Overview


Exclusive to the Adirondack Mountains, this high-quality garnet blast media is mined and processed in the United States. Its sharp crystalline structure allows for consistent performance and is available in the following options:

  • 36 CG: Produces a 3.5 mil to 4.5 mil profile on steel. Ideal for heavy marine fouling, thick coatings, and other rapid removal tasks.
  • 30/60 CG: Typically produces a 2.5 mil to 4.0 mil profile on steel and balances surface control with removal efficiency. It is ideal for use with heavier coatings.


Fusion® blends STL staurolite with HPA® garnet to create a general-purpose, cost-effective abrasive.


Sourced globally, ALLTEK is a high-quality alluvial garnet that is processed to meet Barton’s stringent standards. ALLTEK is available in grades that include:

  • 30/60 PLUS: This versatile grade can be used for maintenance and on new steel. It typically produces a 2.5 mil to 3.5 mil profile on steel.
  • 80: Produces a consistent 2.0 mil to 2.5 mil profile. Ideal for single-pass applications on new steel.
  • 80 HPA® Garnet Abrasive: Best suited for aluminum, steel, and other sensitive substrates. It typically produces a 2.0 mil to 2.8 mil profile on steel.

Technical Specifications & Compliance

Barton® garnet abrasives comply with current industry standards, including SSPC-AB 1, which outlines the requirements for non-metallic abrasives used in blast cleaning applications. Barton® garnet blast media is available in various grades to meet the demands of different surface preparation needs, such as:

  • Fine Particles: Used to attain a smoother finish
  • Coarse Particles: Commonly used for aggressive removal tasks

Barton® garnet abrasives are regularly tested for consistency and quality to ensure they meet the exact specifications of industrial users.

Environmental/Health Benefits

Barton® garnet abrasives offer the following health and environmental benefits over other blast media options:

  • High Reusability: Because they can be reused over many production cycles, Barton® garnet abrasives reduce waste and lower project costs, contributing to more sustainable operations.
  • Non-Toxic: The non-toxic nature of Barton® garnet abrasives eliminates the risk of chemical leaching, which can cause long-term environmental damage and contaminate groundwater.
  • Health & Safety Compliance: The garnet abrasives reduce the need for extensive safety equipment and minimize risk to workers by complying with global health and safety standards.

Ready to Enhance Your Surface Preparation with Barton® Garnet Abrasives?

Choose Barton® garnet abrasives from Dawson-Macdonald to experience unmatched quality and efficiency for your next project. When you work with us, you’ll become part of a growing community of satisfied customers with a reliable supply of sustainable abrasive solutions. Our experienced team can help you select a surface preparation product that meets your specific needs for effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

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