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Blast Cleaning

Typically, abrasive blast cleaning is viewed as a low-tech process. However, blast cleaning is a process vital to surface preparation for not only paint and rust removal, for coating adhesion and surface texturing, and for further processing.

Here are some helpful tools in selecting and keeping a blast system running at its peak performance, as well as meeting specific finishing requirements:

PDFBlast Cabinet Air Consumption (PDF - 94KB)

PDFBlast Hose Sizing, Grit and Compressed Air Consumption (PDF - 19.9KB)

PDFSurface Preparation Guide (PDF - 27.9KB)

PDFMaintaining your Blast Cabinet (PDF - 283KB)

PDFGrit Size Conversion (PDF - 29.4KB)

PDFSteel Grit Screening (PDF - 71.5KB)

PDFSteel Shot Screening (PDF - 75.9KB)

Dust/Mist/Fume Collection

The heart of any collection system is its filter media, regardless of whether it is in the form of cartridges or bags. Higher efficient filter media leads to greater collection performance and reduced energy costs.

PDFAbrasive Dust Collection (PDF - 963KB)

PDFCleaner Air Filtration (PDF - 3.42MB)


Safety Data Sheets provide workers with information describing the exact physical and chemical nature of the material, the proper procedures for handling and storage, and procedures to be followed in the case of accidental ingestion.

PDFMSDS Silica Sand and Ground Silica (PDF - 199KB)

PDFMSDS Plasti-Grit® Type III (PDF - 63.5KB)

PDFMSDS Patriot-Blast Elite Abrasives (PDF - 1.43MB)

PDFMSDS Plasti-Grit® Type II (PDF - 18KB)

PDFMSDS Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Steel Shot/Grit Blend (PDF - 36.5KB)

PDFSDS Armex® Blastmedia (PDF - 112KB)

PDFSDS Armex® Profile Blastmedia (PDF - 162KB)

PDFSDS Ballotini Impact Beads with Moisture Resistant Coating (PDF - 1.46MB)

PDFSDS Zirblast® (PDF - 101KB)

PDFSDS Zirshot® (PDF - 101KB)

PDFSDS HPA Garnet Abrasive Grains and Powders (PDF - 104KB)

PDFSDS Blastite, Blitzblast, Duratred, Fastblast, Niaagara Blast, Exoblast, Duralum (PDF - 239KB)

PDFSDS Carborex® C-6 (PDF - 188KB)

Items of Interest

PDFAccuStrip (PDF - 182KB)

PDFAirflow Control (PDF - 400KB)

PDFMedia/Equipment (PDF - 145KB)

PDFDownflo Workstation (PDF - 426KB)

PDFGreener Blast (PDF - 388KB)

PDFICM Climber (PDF - 148KB)

PDFLaser (PDF - 482KB)

PDFMicro Abrasive (PDF - 406KB)

PDFOperating Efficiency (PDF - 137KB)

PDFPleated Bags (PDF - 347KB)

PDFPRobot (PDF - 163KB)

PDFRuwac Explosion-Proof Vacuums (PDF - 435KB)

PDFRuwac Sump/Slurry Vacuums (PDF - 488KB)

PDF Torit Replacement Filters (PDF - 430KB)

PDFTorit WSO (PDF - 84.5KB)

PDFVaniman (PDF - 526KB)

PDFWet Technologies (PDF - 481KB)


Interesting Reading

PDFThe Case for Combustible Dust (PDF - 20.7KB)

PDFMake Your Own Economic Stimulus (PDF - 21.6KB)

PDFGetting The "Sand" Out Of Sandblasting (PDF - 428KB)

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