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The portable blasting equipment we offer is used in multiple applications by industrial customers and contractors alike. Portable blasting equipment is available in a number of configurations from small, single nozzle units to large systems capable of accommodating multiple blasters. Suction units are typically used for small to medium applications which only require a moderate amount of power, while pressure units are preferred in applications that require higher energy. Our application specialists can direct you toward the best system for any given project.

Portable blasting systems can be broken down into two categories: open-blasting systems and blast-and-recovery systems. Open blast systems possess only abrasive blasting capabilities. Any media recovery, if needed, must be accomplished via a separate vacuum or containment system. If you already own a media collection system, or no media recovery is required, this can be a cost effective option.

Blast-and-recovery systems include both the abrasive blasting system and some form of media recovery which may include a media recycling system or a simple dust collection system. Blast-and-recovery systems are easy to set up and can be transported to the jobsite with minimal effort. All-in- one units offer maximum convenience and portability which can drastically reduce labor costs and the overall time required to complete a project.

Within these two principal portable blasting systems, multiple configurations are available to suit a range of application and budgets. We have been providing our expert guidance and the highest quality abrasive blasting equipment in the industry since 1928. For additional information about the range of available abrasive blasting system options, please contact us directly.


PDFAxxiom Schmidt Blasting Equipment (PDF - 3.13MB)

PDFAxxiom Schmidt miniBRS (Blast & Recovery System) (PDF - 1.99MB)


MiniBRS LID Blast

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Portable Blasting Equipment Capabilities

Open-Blast: blast only
  • Simultaneous Blasting & Dust Collection
  • Separate Blasting & Dust Collection
  • Redirect Reusable Abrasive to be Used Again
  • All In One Units
Pressure Units (High Energy)
Suction Units (Moderate Energy)
Single Operator Systems
Multi-Outlet Systems
Bulk Abrasive Blasting Systems
Contaminant Removal
  • Rust
  • Paint
  • Mold
  • Fire/Smoke Damage
Cosmetic Finishes

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