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CL-150 cleanLASER Compact Laser System
CL-150 cleanLASER Compact Laser System
CL-600 cleanLASER Surface Preparation
CL-600 cleanLASER Surface Preparation

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At Dawson-MacDonald, we take pride in being the oldest and most trusted distributor of surface preparation equipment in the Northeastern United States. Our machinery encompasses the latest technology, including laser systems for stripping and coating removal. The use of laser technology for coating removal has matured greatly. It currently provides stripping rates that match or surpass chemical stripping and abrasive blasting, avoiding the huge amount of waste material normally and their related disposal costs.

Laser stripping technology helps maximize operational efficiency. It utilizes smaller equipment and eliminates the need for workspaces to have heavy encapsulation. Laser technology also allows various and conflicting processes to occur adjacent to each other, providing shops with the highest levels of efficiency. Lasers can strip urethanes, polyurethanes, enamels, epoxies, alkyds, and powder coats. This includes substrates such as steel magnesium, aluminum, copper, carbon fiber, fiberglass, wood, and composite materials. Laser stripping is highly accurate and does not overheat most substrates. This process is also very precise, allowing users to remove coatings while stopping at the primer coat and not affecting etched substrates. Tests with substrates that have etched surfaces with .002” - .003” profiles showed that coatings could be removed while leaving the etched surface fully intact, requiring no re-etching. Our laser systems cover a diverse array of power outputs, ranging from 20 to over 1000 watts. The laser wattage basically corresponds to stripping rates at a linear rate; for example, a 500 watt system will work twice as quickly as a 250 watt system to strip the same coating. Sizes also vary, and range from easily transportable backpack units to larger systems around the size of an office desk. Fiber optic cabling is also available for very large jobs, allowing the warhead reach to extend to 150+ feet to reach areas a distance away without needing to move the equipment.

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Laser Stripping Benefits

Coating removal doesn’t get any ‘greener’ than this


  • NO chemicals
  • NO abrasives
  • NO mechanical tools
  • NO secondary media of any kind.

Laser coating removal comes into the 21st century.

  • Non-contacting and non-intrusive
  • Total waste product ≤ the removed coating itself
  • Can reduce total waste volume by over 95% compared to conventional methods
  • Minimizes waste remediation and cost (in the case of hazardous waste)
  • Minimizes environmental pollution
  • Minimizes operator hazards
  • Reveals substrate intact and unaltered (saving on subsequent processes)

Laser Stripping Product Information

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