Dawson-Macdonald co., Inc.
Dawson-Macdonald Co., Inc.


Yes,.... ICE CUBES!!!!!!


Dawson-Macdonald has partnered with Coulson Ice Blast who produces machines that blast with real ice - the same ice cube you'd put in your drink. The IceStorm90tm uses ice as its cleaning medium, generating minimal waste and no airborne contaminants.

Low media cost and availabilty translates to efficient and effective cleaning, deburring, grease and oil removal as well as many other applications.  

Ice has extraordinary cleaning capabilities. It is the only media to exist in all three phases; solid, liquid & gas. The solid hits with maximum impulse, the liquid helps trap and contain potential contaminates and the gas minimizes waste streams as the media evaporates. 


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Coulson Ice Blast Brochure.pdf