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BlastPro BP-10 Super
BlastPro BP-10 Super

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Our selection of floor preparation equipment provides an efficient and versatile solution for blasting applications. Steel shot blasting equipment can be used to remove years of dirt, grime, rust, and other contaminants as well as old coatings and sealants. In addition to cleaning the surface, the shot blasting equipment simultaneously profiles the floor, preparing it for any subsequent coatings or treatment.

Because shot blasting is a mechanical process, no chemicals are used. As such, shot blasting is equally applicable for indoor and outdoor settings including bridges, steel decks, parking garages, and industrial facilities. A self-contained collection system filters the steel shot by removing the dust, particulates, and spent shot, while re-usable shot is recycled back into the system. Most models are self-propelled to expedite the blasting process, and can reach speeds up to 100 feet per minute. Machinery is available in a variety of widths from 8" to 48" to accommodate jobs from wide open areas to tight spaces.

Our application specialists can assist you in the selection of the optimal equipment and accessories for your specific project. Since 1928 our customers have been relying on our expertise in the surface preparation industry. We offer a full line of shot blasting equipment, steel shot media, and rentals, as well as provide service and repair for everything we sell. For additional information about floor shot blasting equipment, please contact us directly.


PDFBlastPro BP-9-110V Blast Cleaning System (PDF - 711KB)

PDFBlastPro BP-10 Super Blast Cleaning System (PDF - 784KB)

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Concrete & Steel Deck Shot Blasting Equipment Capabilities

Steel Shot Blasting
Floor Preparation Processes
Integrated Dust Collector
No Cleaners/Chemicals Required
Self-Propelled Options Available
Cleaning Width
8" to 48"
Up to 100 feet per minute
Factory/Warehouse Floors
Parking Garages
Ship Decks
Related Equipment & Accessories
Scrapers (for tile, mastic, and carpet removal)
Sawtec® Concrete Cutters and Saws

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