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Nozzles & Parts
Nozzles & Parts

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Properly maintaining blasting equipment and dust recovery systems is essential to ensuring worker safety and achieving a desirable surface finish. This means not only replacing wear parts in a timely manner, but understanding the part options that are available and selecting the ideal solution for a given application. We have been providing customers with premium quality blasting equipment, parts, and accessories as well as expert advice, since 1928.

We carry a comprehensive selection of nozzles, filters, hardware, and other replacement parts for virtually any brand of wet, dry, stationary, portable, suction, pressure-fed or centrifugal wheel blasting equipment as well as dust, mist, and fume collection systems. Featured brands include Donaldson Torit, Empire, and Axxiom-Schmidt, but parts for virtually any brand of equipment are available. For other manufacturers' or discontinued equipment, another brand's parts can typically be substituted with little to no modification. Our team can provide assistance to determine the appropriate part for a given piece of equipment and application.

Filters are a core component of any dust, fume, or mist collection system, and the quality of filter used greatly influences the overall system performance. We are a Donaldson Torit factory authorized dealer and offer premium quality filters that are manufactured using the most advanced, durable filter media available. Additionally, pleated filters can be used in place of traditional bags and cages in baghouses, improving the efficiency of older equipment with no capital expenditure.

We provide parts and service as well as turnkey equipment to customers in a diverse array of industries. For additional information about blasting or dust collection parts and accessories, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Blasting Parts & Accessories Capabilities

Equipment Supported
Blasting Equipment
Media Recovery Systems
Dust, Mist, & Fume Collection
Industrial Vacuums
Blasting Personal Protective Equipment
Nozzle Type
  • Pressure
  • Suction
Nozzle Design
  • Angled
  • Straight Bore
  • Venturi
  • Double Venturi
  • Square
  • Fan
  • Water Injected
Nozzle Material
  • Ceramic
  • Silicon Nitrate
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Boron Carbide
Blasting Application
  • Dry Blasting
  • Wet Blasting
  • Microblasting
  • Dry Ice Blasting
Blast Hoses
Vacuum Hoses
Twin Line Hoses
Air Hoses
Whip Hoses
Breathable Approved Hoses
Hardware & Fittings
Blast Hose Couplings
Air Couplings
Nozzle Couplings
Tank Couplings
Water Rings
Blast Guns
Trigger Operated
Foot Treadle Operated
Complete Assemblies or Individual Parts
Sold in Pairs or Individually
Almen Strip
Filters & Cartridges
Breathing Air
Service Kits
Rebuild Kits
Conversion Kits
Service Parts & Accessories
Replacement Windows & Protectors
Floor Grating
Blast Pot Lids/Screens
Pipe Blasting Systems
Compressed Air Dryers
Wheel Kits & Liners
Magnet Brooms

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