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Supplier of Automated & Hand Blast Cabinet Systems                       

Since 1928, we have been providing a wide array of industries with the highest quality surface preparation equipment and accessories. We offer numerous types of stationary blasting equipment including both compressed air and centrifugal wheel blasting systems. The majority of blasting equipment is powered by a compressed air system that utilizes a pressure or suction mechanism to propel the blasting media. Pressure systems are capable of producing higher media velocities and typically are more efficient than suction systems. In addition to the media delivery method, air-powered blasting systems are available in wet or dry blasting configurations. There are a number of factors that go into selecting the appropriate system for a given application, and our specialists can assist customers in determining the ideal blasting solution for their specific needs.

Blasting equipment is available with a number of optional features that allow you to introduce partial or full automation to your blasting operations. Robotic arms, integrated indexing tables, pass-through conveyors, and multi-nozzle set-ups can all be used to increase throughput for production applications.

For engraving, deburring, and other detail-oriented work, micro-blasting provides a high level of precision and versatility. Micro-abrasive blasting works in the same way as general abrasive blasting, but smaller nozzle diameters afford the operator tighter control over the area to be blasted.

As an alternative to using compressed air to propel the media we offer centrifugal wheel blasting systems. These systems use a mechanical wheel to propel the blasting media. For processes in which this blasting method is applicable, centrifugal wheel blasting systems can provide a significant cost advantage. For additional information about stationary and hand cabinet abrasive blasting systems, please contact us directly.


PDFEmpire Pro-Finish Blast Cabinets (PDF - 606KB)

PDFEmpire Basket Blasters (PDF - 546KB)

PDFWetTech Wet Abrasive Cabinets (PDF - 698KB)


TT20 PRC-12 Indexing Turntable Air Blast System w/ Oscillation & Light Curtains

Wet Technologies Transmission Case Processing

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Automated & Hand Blast Cabinet Systems Capabilities

Blasting Equipment
Centrifugal Wheel
Blasting Area
Up to 72" x 72" Standard
Specialty Sizes Available
Dry Blasting Equipment Options
Multi-Nozzle Set-Ups
Gun Oscillation and/or Rotation
Integrated Rotary Indexing Tables or Turntables
Pass-Through Conveyor Systems
Rotating Baskets
Robotic Arms
Nozzle Manipulation
Pick & Place Production
Extended Wear Components
Wet Blasting Equipment Options
Media Density Monitor
Multiple Gun Set-Up
Vertical or Horizontal Oscillation
Heated Rinse and/or Slurry
Oil & Grease Separation
Cyclonic Separator
Related Equipment
Dust Collection Systems
Abrasive Blasting Rooms
Contaminant Removal
  • Rust
  • Paint
  • Mold
  • Fire/Smoke Damage
Cosmetic Finishes

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