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In addition to providing premium quality abrasive blasting equipment and media collection systems, we stock over 200 tons of the highest quality blasting media available. This includes an extensive selection such as, but is not limited to, aluminum oxide, Armex sodium bicarbonate, corn cobs, glass beads, steel shot, ceramic, plastic, coal slag, garnet, and micro abrasives. The quality of the blasting media is not only important for achieving a high quality and consistent surface finish, it is important to the life of recyclable media. The end users often learn the hard way that attempting to save money on inferior media leads to a much shorter media life, which leads to higher costs in the long run. In addition, inferior media can contain harmful contaminants that can be hazardous to your workers. The materials we offer are produced by the most reputable media manufacturers to the highest quality standards. We also offer certified material upon request.

In addition to offering a wide selection of abrasive media, our team will assist you in selecting the ideal grade and type of media for your application. Whether you are developing a blasting operation for the first time or have been in the surface preparation industry for decades, our specialists can provide valuable insight when determining the best equipment and blasting material for a given substrate and desired surface finish. With a history in the industry that dates back to 1928, we have developed both a wealth of experience and wide breadth of knowledge in regard to a myriad of abrasive blasting applications. For additional information about abrasive media, please contact us directly.


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Abrasive Media Capabilities

Abrasive Media
Aluminum Oxide
Silicon Carbide
Plastic Grit
Glass Beads
ARMEX Sodium Bicarbonate
Walnut Shells
Steel Shot
Steel Grit
Coal Slag (Patriot Blast)
Crushed Glass
Dry Ice
Corn Cob
Aluminum Zirconia
Stainless Steel
Abrasive Blasting
Shot Peening
Matt Finishing
Etched Surfaces
Micro Finishing

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